Slatwall Fittings -

Why Slatwall is an unbelievably great display solution?

With ever decreasing room marketing & product displays and increasing competition, it’s critical to make the most of your available space, including the walls! That’s where Slatwall comes in; a flexible solution which can be used in a variety of ways for a wide range of products and marketing material.

But what is Slatwall?

Slatwall is a type of building material used in shop displays as a wall covering which consists of panels (generally made of medium-density fibreboard or MDF) which have been routed with horizontal inserts or grooves at even intervals along each panel. Each groove is inserted with aluminium or plastic sleeves to add strength to the panel.

What Slatwall accessories can be used?

Once a Slatwall panel has been installed, it can be used to hold a number of display solutions including hooks, racks and storage bins. Due to the grooves being a regular distance apart, Slatwall provides you with a consistent display solution with the flexibility to attach your display accessories in an unlimited number of combinations. This allows you to design your shelving or displays in any way you wish.

This is the beauty of Slatwall – there are a huge number of options for Slatwall attachments and fittings which can turn virtually any display solution into a Slatwall-friendly solution. Check out a sample of these fittings below:


Slatwall Bar Mounts

These nifty fixtures provide you with a solution that grips the top of a display item and provides a strong hold for attaching your display piece to a Slatwall. Consider a Slatwall panel fixed with a number of bar mounts attached; you would be able to turn your Slatwall into a highly visible brochure display, ideal for tourism or retail stores to use to maximise brochure display space.

Slatwall Pegs

Slatwall pegs are the perfect solution for attaching hanging baskets, bins or boxes to a Slatwall panel. These pegs are super easy to install onto your Slatwall panel. Using pegs can turn a Slatwall panel into an attractive display solution for a large number of products & product ranges.

Slatwall Easel

Slatwall easels allow you to showcase products at eye level on your Slatwall panel, and provide an option for hard to display products. Easels are a versatile Slatwall accessory due to the varying shapes and sizes it can support. A must-have for any Slatwall display setup.

Slatwall Clips

Have a large number of wall-mountable brochures to display? Want to maximise your Slatwall display space? Using Slatwall clips, you can attach a second wall mountable holder to create a multi-tiered display solution right on your panel. This is an ideal solution for display brochure material of varying sizes in a small wall space.

FAB has Slatwall Fittings covered

Slatwall is a great display solution for displaying your brochures and other marketing material, and our range of Slatwall accessories will help maximise the use your Slatwall panels. Check out or fittings online, and contact us for pricing and more information.